When it is the more suitable season for holidays in Crete ?

Spring in Crete it is a combination of green bloomed nature, snow in the mountains and temperatures 20 – 25 0 C. Preferable month it is the May because March and April they can be rainy. The May is a quiet month without a lot of tourism and the prices of apartments are lower. This period the island is green with snow in the mountains and other natural beauties, a lot of flowers and bloomed trees. The temperature in the sea is still in low levels roughly in the 20 degrees, for bold swimmers. In this season Easter is celebrated, that we recommend you are present in a jag with the locals, they will call you in their table, you will eat abundant traditional foods and most likely you'll get drunk with them.

In the summertime the proper months are June and July. The temperature is from 28 – 35 degrees, there isn't much tourism and you can make your marine travels without discomfort and with calm sea. In the contrary to August because of school holidays, the traffic is increased and the prices are higher and the sea is more wavy than before.

The autumnal months the temperature falls similarly with spring, however the temperature of the sea is in high levels. The tourism is decreased compared to the summer and you have the possibility of enjoying the sun without the burns of summer.

Is it essential that I rent a car in my holidays?

That depends on you. What parts you will want to visit and in what distance. Crete is a big island with many interesting parts that you would want to visit. From our hotel you have access to regular transport that helps you visit a lot of regions of the island.

You can rent a motorcycle or even a bicycle. We we can you give the information that you will need for the most suitable way to make your excursion and for renting offices of cars or motorcycles and for the program of buses. We can also organize the renting of a car and have it waiting in your arrival place, airport or harbour. The same can take place if you prefer a taxi that is better at the evening mainly hours and will have a better time.

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What is the distance of Hippokratis hotel from the harbour and the airport of Chanias and the airport of Heraklion ?

The harbour of Souda is situated 22 kilometres away. The airport of Chania is 30 kilometres and the airport Heraklion is 160 kilometres away. In all three cases it is best you use the national road for your arrival or your departure from the hotel.

The cost of taxi from the harbour is roughly 20€, from the airport Chanias 30€ and from the airport of Heraklion 80€.

What is the hotel's distance from the beach ?

The hotel is built next to the sea and at any moment of day or even at night, you can have a swim without having to to cover a big distances. The beach and the sea are always clean and without the least pollution - shallow and safe.

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